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Adult Learning Foundations

Supporting adults with building foundational skills for: 

~Daily Life~

~Advancing Education~


Online Skills Assessments - Available Now!
Identify current skills today, in order to determine learning path for tomorrow.

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Our Mission

At least 1 in 5 Albertan adults face literacy and numeracy challenges that affect their daily life, education and employment opportunities.  "Pathways Adult Learning Foundations" is a community based organization that offers foundational learning opportunities both in person and online.

Our goal is to promote and provide pathways for participants to reach their goals.  We do this by offering learning opportunities that are relevant, practical and build on the learners previous knowledge, experience and strengths.  We also offer learner support services, providing pathways to other services beyond our scope. 

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Foundational Learning

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There are four core areas of foundational learning.  These core areas are often starting points and pathways towards reaching goals, no matter how big or small.  See a description of the areas below.

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Skills for Learning

Provides opportunities to build learning habits, skills, tools, strategies, confidence and goals to support learning.

Numeracy Skills

Provides opportunities to improve numeracy skills in order to better understand, use, apply math content and problem solve.

Digital Skills

Provides opportunities to improve technology and digital skills in order to be successful in learning, the workplace and daily life. 

Literacy Skills

Provides opportunities to improve language, reading, writing and communication skills.

Our Services

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One-on-One in Person Learning

Students in Cafeteria

Learn with one-on-one support; at a location near you.

Small Group in Person Learning

In class

Learn in a small group

with an instructor;

at a location near you.



Working from Home

Learn independently (with online support) or through online classes; from anywhere.

Contact Us

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Get in touch with someone from our team near you.  We look forward to connecting with you and helping guide you down the path towards your goals.  Click on your location below.

Also serving Cypress County and County of 40 Mile (select above nearest location).
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